PowerApps: Dynamics 365 Connector vs Common Data Service


Tl;DW: If you can, use the Common Data Service connector for PowerApps when you interact with Dynamics 365 CE data. It’s faster and a heap more efficient. You can read more about the CDS here

My video doesn’t really deliver a knock out punch, but I can assure you even the experience of building the apps in the video, trawling through PowerApps ‘friendly’ menus looking for fields etc. was quicker using the CDS connector.

As always let me know what you think!


  1. Keith Mescha

    Is there any reason why one is faster than the other? Is it just a premium option gives you faster speed or is there something else going on like Security etc on the Dynamics connector that is not happening on the CDS connector?

    1. Post
      Lachlan Wright

      Hi Keith,

      Apologies for the delay!

      My limited understanding is that the Dynamics connector is speaking to the application layer of the system, which in turn needs to go down to the data layer to perform the CRUD actions. This is in contrast to the CDS connector which is speaking directly to the data layer.



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